newly researched and interpreted
ancient Greek Music from the Classical period

For the first time ever an attempt is being made to let the music of the classical Greek era revive through intense research and reconstruction from the respective period (5th and 6th c BC). With the use of instruments and their original playing techniques, in addition to the ancient Greek language, the everyday musical life of Ancient Greece is audible again, although the original music of that time is lost for ever.


For almost twenty years the musician and musical archaeologist, Conrad Steinmann and the instrument maker, Paul J. Reichlin have worked together on the reconstruction of musical instruments and music from the Ancient Greek classical period. The meticulous study of original ancient instruments in the museums of London, Paestum, Copenhagen, Athens, Korinth, Vravróna, Polýgyros and Thessaloniki form the basis for the rebuilding of instruments. Also vase paintings from the time around 500 BC provide a significant amount of picture material for the analysis of these instruments.


A further important source on the doorway to sounds is the language of Greek lyrics. Those characteristics with accents and rhythmical assertiveness allow us to draw conclusions on how the shape and moulding of the music must have been. These elements are brought in line with the possibilities and tonalities of the used instruments. Although the music has finally been newly created by Conrad Steinmann, their elements align as closely as possible to historical facts.